‘Solleciti’: Before the story of a company, is the story of a family. For over seventy years the Solleciti brand has involved the skills of the best fur craftsmen in Italy. In 1945 Domenico and Emma Solleciti decided to start their business, and in the following years gave life to numerous boutiques throughout the country. Despite its growing success, the company remains faithful to the tradition of craftsmanship. Each piece is exclusively created and personally taken care of with a hands on approach.

And while the company continues to evolve, it prides itself on never losing touch with these traditions and values that founded it.


Since the 80s Solleciti’s fashion has been honoured by the most prestigious newspapers; the collections have graced the most prestigious catwalks in the world: Rome, Florence, Milan, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Taiwan and Moscow. Each collection is unique and full of inspiration, drawing an iconic and unconventional woman. It was the 70s when Aldo Fallai took photographs of the Solleciti furs for the first time. Since then, our furs have been brought to life through the creative eyes of photographers such as Bob Krieger, Wanni Burkhart and Roberto Orlandi.

Solleciti production has been carried on incessantly for three generations, with passion and attention to detail, giving each fur refinement, elegance and sensuality. In 1980 Valerio and Anna Solleciti took over as creative directors of the fashion house. “The collection has been revised in the perspective of luxury connected to the concept of fashion, which aims to contaminate more and more sartorial workings typical of furs with prêt-à-porter. Today the mix of the offer consists of fabric coats, fur and fabric items and fine fur creations, with the aim of positioning the brand in an increasingly wide selection, even if targeted, of high-end boutiques and department stores”


Valerio and Anna Solleciti carry on the family project, transforming and revolutionising the collections every year, and continuing to seduce and thrill. Today the company produces 100% of the garments in Italy and exports more than 80% of Solleciti goods all over the world. Solleciti’s collections are present throughout Europe, Russia, Korea and Japan. Quality, stylistic research and top-notch craftsmanship have always distinguished the brand in the production of the best Italian furs.

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Since 1945 Solleciti has been synonymous with creativity, craftsmanship and timeless style.
The “made to order” service is the ultimate expression of these values.
Through the expert hands of our craftsmen we put ourselves at the service of the demands of our customers to create unique coats made to measure.